North Coast Brewing: Red Seal Ale Casked

Posted: October 31, 2011 in California, Cask Conditioned, U.S.A.

Alright, now that Halloween is wrapped up, I can now get back to doing some beer reviews. This is part two of my review on the Red Seal Ale by North Coast Brewing. The second try is a casked version which was hand pumped from an English beer engine.

The cask has a clear, amber coloring. The head, which you can’t see in the photo because I foolishly didn’t snap up all the pictures right away, was thick, creamy white and really very dense. There was some sweet malt aromas with a light touch of a citrus hoppy scent. The taste seemed maltier and less hoppy than the kegged version. Thick with caramel and honey, there seemed to be only hints of a grassy and citrus hops that were in the other version. The unusual soapy taste did not pop up in this tasting so I’m going to guess that there was just a soapy residue in the glass from being washed. Also something of note, even with the thick white head, the beer wasn’t heavily carbonated. From this tasting I’d gladly have this beer again.

5.5% Amber


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