Lost Coast Brewery: Raspberry Brown

Posted: November 12, 2011 in California, Questionable, Tap, U.S.A., Uncategorized

Now, I’ve gone back and looked at my old post regarding Lost Brewery, and I realized that I was really slacking off with my first few beer blog posts. At some point I’ll have to go back and redo these tastings and make them worth sitting down to. In the mean time, let me give you a brief low down on the first Californian brewery I had the pleasure to try. The year was 1986 and Barbara Groom, a pharmacist at the time, and Wendy Pound, a family counselor, after years of experiment home brewing they began to ponder what it would take to open a Brewpub. After years of research, planning, visiting various pubs over in the UK they were ready to take the plunge and turn their dream into a reality. They started out buying an old building in 1989, renovated it thru the winter and in 1990 they were ready to open their doors to the public. Since then they’ve outgrown their original facilities and upgraded to a larger building. They are currently the 33rd largest brewer in the US shipping out to 22 states, 3 provinces, and Puerto Rico. In 2009 they beat their own record and produced 50,000 barrels and have plans on moving to brew in even greater quantities.

Now, for my third beer, I’ve chosen to have their Raspberry Brown. This beer has won two “Best in California” awards, and multiple golds, silvers and bronze to go alongside it. I honestly don’t know what it is about raspberries that just goes with beer. I’ve never meet a raspberry beer I didn’t find tasty and refreshing.

This brown pours a reddish-brown with a light cappuccino colored head. The aroma was thick with brown sugar and raspberry jam. There was also a light hint of chocolate and nuttiness. The initial taste was huge with initial sweet raspberry, this slowly faded away leaving room for the chocolate and nutty malts to play on the palate. This brown is quite smooth and has a low carbonation to it. I quite enjoyed this, but if sweeter beers aren’t your thing I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying a flat.

5% Brown


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