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Well, it’s time for another addition to the list of Scottish beers I’ve reviewed. I’m heading back to the 1488 series by the Tullibardine distillery. This time it is their Blonde Ale. I’ve actually had this bottle for quite a while now, so here’s to hoping I’ve stored it properly.

The Blonde Ale pours a deep copper color with an initial fingers worth of head on top. The nose comes of slightly citrus with a light wooden background. This blonde has an extremely different taste, nothing like other blondes I’ve tasted before. There is a distinct sour taste right up front, this might be due to it being an older batch or improperly stored. It takes awhile for the sourness to fade, but once it does all the other flavors come out to play. There is a wooden cask like taste, a long side the smoothness of a single malt whiskey. This is a decent tasting blonde which I would get again. Also, I’d want to try it again to see if the sourness was in the second bottle.

4% Blonde


This traditional ale is designed to reflect how the original ales character would have tasted when brewed all the way back in 1488. Brewed by a scotch company this beer is supposed to have a rich depth and complexity which most beers lack.

This beer pours a clear, red amber color with two fingers of head. This quickly disappears and has no lacing along the edges. Smells of flowery hops and lightly roasted malts. There is also a subtle scent of whiskey barrel, this may have been stored in barrels but I don’t know for sure. It tastes very bready to begin with the roams down to a nutty flavor with a subtle earthy hop flavor. There is also hints of vanilla and caramel. With little carbonation, and almost a thin watered down taste, this beer goes down very easily. There is a distinct whiskey taste to it, very subtle though. After trying this beer, it has many complexities but seems, as I said earlier, watered down and weak.

4.5% Ale

Continuing on with European beers, we have a Scottish beer! Yes, I know, they don’t only make scotch. Though this beer is by coincidence brewed by a scotch distillery. 1488 has 4 excellent beers this one being their Strong Ale.

The Strong Ale is very dark and rich. With hints of a roasted, caramel malty goodness. It diffidently hits the sweet spot on the tongue well also having a dark earthy texture to it, which I have come to acknowledge from several Scottish beer makers. I would say that this beer would be great for sitting around on a cold winter night, or a chilly summer night around a camp fire. I would think that it is far to dark for the average beer drinker during the hot summer months though.

The Tullibardine distillery/brewery is located in Blackford, Perthshire, Scotland. The natural spring water from which they probably still get their water has been used to brew beer since the 12th century. The beer, 1488, actually gets it’s name from when King James IV purchased beer from a brewery where the distillery now sits.

5% Brown Ale