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Later that afternoon we finally meet up with our friends whom now live in San Francisco. Almost every time we discussed our coming to visit they mentioned this watermelon beer I absolutely had to try. Later on I was to discovered that this beer was made by 21st Amendment in San Francisco. When we arrived I was somewhat disappointed to see that they only sold them in cans. Yes, I am one of those people whom believe beer should come out of a glass or ceramic bottle, not a tin can. Though, I must say, my friends were in shock seeing them for sale in a store believing it was only available on tap in pubs. Needless to say we cracked open a couple of these cans to give them a shot. Later on during our trip we actually got to try it on tap as well, but I’ll get into that more later.

21st Amendment was founded in 2000 by Nico Freccia, a former writer/actor/restaurant professional and avid home brewer, and Shaun O’Sullivan, a former photographer and paralegal turned assistant brewer. These previous jobs were back when the two of them first meet back in 1995. They chose the breweries name because of the historical significance it has to the city. Back in 1900 there were a total of 40 breweries in operation within the city limits, now, San Francisco is down to a dwindled amount of 8. That is not even mentioning the fact that the population has more than doubled from then tell now. They must have a lot of thirsty people walking in those doors.

The beer pours a golden-yellow with a white frothy head. The head quickly dissipated and left no lacing. This, I find, can be quite typical for a good quality beer when it comes out of a can. The aroma wafts with the aroma of a freshly baked loaf of French bread. Honestly I was expecting a little watermelon on the aroma but let us continue on to the tasting. The initial taste is all in the bread. When I rolled the beer over my tongue I got subtle hints of the watermelon. When poured out of a can the point where I could taste the most watermelon was in the aftertaste. After this somewhat disappointing experience I was happy to get to try this brew fresh on tap in the brewery itself. They garnished it with a wedge of watermelon, which was fresh and crisp. The watermelon was more noticeable in the smell and had a large jab in the initial taste. I found this quite unique and if I spotted it on tap again I’d love to have another pint.

4.9% Fruit