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Abita Brewing: Purple Haze

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Bottle, Louisiana, Norm, U.S.A.

On the fourth day we spent the day mostly relaxing. Just a heads up, when I say just relaxing, I really meant we stood in ridiculous lines, for rides we hadn’t been on yet, that were far too long. Due to the sweltering heat a couple of us decided that it’d be a good idea to take a mid-afternoon nap. Once we finished up with that we sauntered over to Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. I wasn’t starving so I just ordered an appy size of their Gumbo Ya-Ya alongside the Purple Haze from Abita Brewing. The food was amazing and I wish I’d had the chance to eat and try more. Anyways, onto the beer, this is a beer blog after all. The waitress informed me that the Purple Haze was a raspberry wheat beer. Having consumed many other raspberry style beers I thought I’d give this one a shot. Abita advertises that they put actual raspberry purée into the beer which gives it a slightly purple haze, hence the name, and a possibility of pulp being at the bottom of the bottle.

The beer poured a brownish amber, unfortunately I failed to get any head from my pour, but the light amount on top was white. The aroma was wafting off with mostly an American style wheat aroma with a light touch of raspberries. The taste was extremely light, refreshing after the scorching heat, yet very light on flavor. Compared to other raspberry ales I’ve tried, this one was very light on the taste of raspberries. Even with a lack of head this beer still proved to be highly carbonated and was actually making me burp quite often even well drinking slow.

Just a side note, I highly recommend the Jazz Kitchen! The food was incredible! It redefined my love for gumbo.

4.2% Fruit