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Affligem: Blond

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Belgium, Bottle, Flemish Brabant, Norm

Affligem was founded by six pillaging knights who had chosen to adopt the monastic life of the Benedictines. The construction of the abbey was completed in 1074. The abbey has witnessed many hardships over the years from wars in the middle ages, the French revolution, even both world wars effected them. In WWI the Germans even “requisitioned” the copper vats used in the brewing… Isn’t anything sacred? In 1920 they were able to buy new vats. Then in 1970 they entrusted the current workers to brew their authentic recipe and develop it for modern brewing styles.

Pours a clear golden orange with a firm white frothy head. Very bubbly but not as much as Duvel. Nice lacing along the sides of the glass while the head recedes. Smells of yeast, orange and a touch of mild spices. Very mild spice flavor comes out in the taste surprisingly with a light touch of banana and a hint of apple. With just the right amount of carbonation this beer goes down very easily.

6.8% Blond