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Well, it has been a busy task filled week. Now, I was lucky enough to have a chance to go down to the Craft Beer Market again. Thankfully, they had a portion of their seasonal beers finally on tap. As soon as I heard that they had Amber’s Brewing Zombie Apocalypse Amber I had to give it a try.

This red lager pours out cloudy and not surprisingly amber in color. The head was light and just off white in color. The aroma wafts with sweet bread, fruit, and the lightest hint of lemon. I found the taste heavy with sour dough right at the first sip. Following that up there is a quite mild earthy hops. The beer is quite smooth, though very dry and slightly metallic.

?% Red


In Newfoundland, Kenmount Road connects St. John’s with Mount Pearl. In Alberta Kenmount Road Chocolate Stout connects us to the brewery’s hometown of Mount Pearl.

Pouring this stout it is obvious that this will be a heavy, dark stout to drink. Pouring from the bottle a creamy coffee color prevails in the thin head that quickly diminishes. It smells of cocoa, brown sugar, and dark malts. The taste is lighter than expected with a sweet chocolate to start, melding to a dark nutty roasted malt, and finishing off with a distinct coffee finish. Very smooth, the coffee taste stays with you. I find this very tasty but nothing to write home about.

5.6% Stout

This beer hasn’t won me over. It has a slightly sweet taste with a heavy pepper after taste. Not that I dislike a peppered beer I’ve tried at least one I’ve liked.

Now as for the brewery itself, Amber’s Brewing is located in Edmonton, Alberta. I’ve seen their product on multiple Calgary liquor store shelves and have tried various products. Some unique others… Not so much

5% Lager