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Well, last night after finishing some stuff up I managed to mossy on over to my friends, Rob and Jenn’s, home. Rob and I then popped over to a liquor store in a challenge to see if they had anything I haven’t seen or tried. We picked up a 6-pack of this Christmas ale done by Anchor as well as a liter of a Howe Sound beer. Obviously we started with the Anchor.

This Christmas ale pours a very clean, dark ruby-red with a fluffy, thick beige head. It doesn’t look heavily carbonated though you can just make out trails of bubbles running along the sides of the glass if you look hard enough. The aroma is pungent with dark roasted malts, nutmeg and cinnamon. The taste has a heavy, dark chocolate punch which seems to be the captain flavor for this beer. Along with the chocolate there is also multiple spices to make for an Xmas feeling as well as a deep, dark roasted flavor almost of charcoal. Leaving behind a very mellow clean finish this beer also seems to dry the mouth out makes drinking more that much easier.

Anchor Brewing has been around since 1896 which is when the German brewer bought his first of six locations in San Francisco. They have been brewing for obviously a long time and seem to have it down pate. Using old traditional styles to make the beer, they combine that with state of the art technology to make for a cleaner and purer beer. They have been making their Christmas ale each year since 1975 and each year is a different unique recipe. As long as it is properly refrigerated or kept in a cold, dark place, these beers can be kept for many years to taste and compare with different vintages. As the years go by I understand the flavor mellows and a new taste will slowly emerge.

Rob’s notes:
“Nose: Sweet molasses and nutmeg
Taste: Rich and full with a sweet malt flavor
Aftertaste: Mellow, spice, lasting aftertaste”

5.5% Xmas Ale