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Well, looking at my blog I’ve noticed that I’ve been allowing North America to hog most of my beer attention. It is for this reason I looked into my beer fridge and selected at random a none N. American beer. I selected a 9% extra strong Belgian brown ale. Quite the way to start the night off.

Nostradamus is brewed by Brasserie Catacole. This is a brewery that has gone by a couple different names, but has been around since 1766. They still do things the traditional way. Like warming the water with a wood-fired oven and manually bottling and labeling their beers. One thing I am unsure of is the percentage of this strong beer. The bottle says 9%, but anywhere else I look they are telling me 9.5%. None the less, it’s a good thing I’m not driving.

The strong brown ale pours out a hazy, muddy copper brown. The cappuccino colored head fades quickly, leaving behind a distinct ring of head. The aroma shows of the strength of this brew proudly and boldly. I can also catch the scent of brown sugar, sticky caramel, and dark fruits like raisins and dates. The taste is quite surprising, it is quite tart well at the same time very sweet. The flavor of dark cherries is quite prominent in this beer alongside the raisins and dates. This is an extremely complex beer which I recommend taking your time to drink. Each sip has flavors interacting with your tongue for a good 10-12 seconds. The body of it is thick and smooth with it ending just a touch dry to make you want to reach out for another sip. Well the alcohol might be noticeable in the smell, it is quite well hidden in the taste.

9% S. Brown