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Brew Dog: 77 Lager

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Aberdeenshire, Bottle, Norm, Scotland

Well, jumping over to Scotland now, we have ourselves yet another Brew Dog beer. The 77 Lager was launched in 2009 to replace Brew Dog’s existing lager. They describe this lager as a “juxtaposition pilsner.” Now, in typical Brew Dog fashion they rant and they rave on their label how everything has become bland and boring. I am in no way, shape, or form, disagreeing with them on that note. They’re goal is to break the mold. Stir things up a bit. I believe they have accomplished just that.

Golden in color, the 77 Lager poured out with two fingers of very thin, bubbly, white head. The heads height didn’t last too long, quickly fading to a quarter of an inch of thick topping. The smell comes off with quite a bit of grainy malts and sparkles of earthy hops. The flavor in the taste kicks off with a dry, grainy malts which slowly works it was into the more bready malts. At the tail end of this pilsner there is a distinct crispness which meets with a piney and spicy finish. The overall feel with this beer is very dry. Not a ton of carbonation there, but just enough.

4.9% Pilsner


Brew Dog: Sink The Bismark

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Aberdeenshire, Bottle, Norm, Scotland

For the next Scottish beer, I bring to you…. Drum roll… Sink the Bismark! Another Brew Dog beer sporting a hefty 41% alcohol level. As the tag line says this is truly an IPA for the dedicated. How do they get it up to 41% you ask? By freezing the water out of it. Oh, and for those of you who don’t drink scotch. It is highly recommended that you do NOT stick you nose in when smelling any alcoholic beverage that is over 40%. You can permanently damage your sense of smell by doing this. So, remember what you learnt in science class so many years ago and “waft” the smell to your nose.

This IPA pours out with a beautiful honey color and clings to the sides of the glass like scotch would. Very little carbonation, though that could be because this was a resealed bottle… Not sure. The smell is pungent with hops and a hit of alcohol, similar to that of a scotch. For taste… This will knock even the biggest of hop-heads back on their heals. Delicious and potent. Smooth spiciness and a slight twist of citrus on the tip of the tongue to go along with the hops too. This is all with the initial hit in the mouth. It has a surprisingly smooth finish that leaves the palate. Leaves a nice warm feeling in the belly too.

I should also point out to the friends that read this blog. Specifically the ones that I said I’d share a tasting of this with… Relax there is still some to split up. I couldn’t take it all down myself…

As a side note here is another beer blogger opinion on this beer.

41% IPA

Brew Dog: Paradox Longrow

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Aberdeenshire, Bottle, Norm, Scotland

Well, yesterday I slacked off. It was Robbie Burns Day and I didn’t post anything. What a lazy Scotsman I am. To make up for it, tonight I am only doing Scottish beers. Starting with Brew Dog’s Paradox Longrow, an imperial stout matured in a Longrow whiskey cask. From what I’ve fumbled through I’ve come to the conclusion that Brew Dog brews Paradox on a regular basis, but each batch they put into different whiskey casks.

The beer pours a very dark, red amber with a very thin tan head. So dark some would just say it’s black. The aroma is delicious with the smell of peat, smoke, and a good hint of whiskey. The taste is quite malty, with a heavy dose of molasses and chocolate. The after taste has the sharpness of whiskey but not the bite I had expected. I’d have to say this is absolutely delicious though I’d like a little more of a scotch/whiskey kick to it.

10% Stout

Brew Dog: Trashy Blonde

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Aberdeenshire, Bottle, Norm, Scotland

Brew Dog has become one of my favorite breweries. Mostly because they like to push the envelope. Most people have heard of them because of their high alcohol percentage beer. So high it’s almost more of a carbonated scotch, fitting since the brewery resides in Scotland. I have to say I admire their gusto and their ability to push the concept of beer to it furthest reaches.

Now the Trashy Blonde might sound like a silly name but this is actually a delicious beer! It appears to be a very clear nothing special beer without much aroma either. Once you try it though you can tell there is a lot there. It’s very sharp/sour to the tongue, so much so I could feel my tongue and mouth reacting as if I just bit down on a lemon. Not that is packed with citrus… More like packed with hops! The hoppy flavor is so strong it lasts with you for quite a while. The aftertaste has actually quite the sour lingering sensation.

4.1% Pale Ale