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The last of my Regina stockpile… I bring to you the Last Mountain Lager. An amber ale brewed in the Vienna style. I’ve been told it has a nutty body with a mild finish. Nutty… Sounds alright by me. Anyways, aren’t we all a little bit nutty?

This lager pours out a gorgeous red-orange coloring with a light fluffy white head. The head lasted longer then I had expected and laces the glass nicely. The smell reminds me of day old baked bread, toasted… Then with the smallest amount imaginable, a thin layer of orange marmalade. Taste-wise it is quite different. Lightly toasted malts are slightly obscured by an overall hoppy taste which ends off with a touch of pine, the slightest citrus, and a hoppy bitterness.

5.2% Lager


Well, I have taken four of the mixed six-pack down. Now onto number five. The fact that this bottle has a custom label leads me to think this might be one of Bushwakkers regulars that they have in stock.

The coloring is a surprising deep golden amber with a decent thick white head, which lasted quite awhile. The color is surprising from a pale ale. Normally I’ve found them to be much lighter in coloring. Smells of honey or possibly caramel with the slightest hint of citrus. There is also an aroma of lightly roasted malts. The taste is somewhat mild with hints of honey, nuts and a slight crispness.

4.5% Pale

Well, now we have the fruit beer from Bushwakker. I contacted the Head Brewer at Bushwakker to obtain clarification on this specific beer. Due to the time frame when it was purchased he said that it should be their Ponce de Leone ale. Which uses the Cheryl’s Blond as a base with a mixture of raspberries and blackberries, all natural fruit purée with mo sugar or extracts used. I was personally disappointed with the blond so I am looking forward to trying this one.

This fruit beer pours an extremely hazy reddish-brown with a slightly off white head that appears to be tinted a faint red. The aroma is very similar to the Cheryl’s Blond, though cleaner, it seems to have a slightly sweeter smell. Initially all I could taste was the blond. Then from out of no where I felt like my tongue got slapped by raspberries which petered off to a soft blackberry. I have to say this is extremely tasty!

One thought I always try to encourage people with is “A brewery can make one bad beer, don’t let that turn you off from trying the rest.” There are times when you could try 3, 5, even 7 different beers from a brewery and maybe none of them tickle your fancy. Who knows that 8th beer might just be the best one you’ve ever had.

4.9% Fruit

Well, tonight I have a special treat. I am going to get to try the Cheryl’s Blond Ale brewed by Bushwakker Brewing. Then I will get to try a special edition fruit beer that they did using the C.B.A. as a base.

Very light coloring, pale yellow, similar to many typical blond ales. Poured out with a small amount of white head which dissipated quickly, though still very bubbly. It has a somewhat bland aroma the only things I can think of are typical grains or possibly even corn. The taste is very similar to the smell, no real hops or malts that I can really taste. It has an unusual texture to it… Grainy yet almost buttery. Very slick on the way down with next to nothing for aftertaste. If I couldn’t see the constant stream of bubbles rising up the glass I might almost think this bottle went flat. Honestly I’d have to say I am a little disappointed. From the other beers I’ve tried from this brewer I expected more… Though it could just be this one bottle or just my particular tastes.

4.9% Blond

Well, now for something a little bit closer to home we have another Saskatchewan beer done up by Bushwakker. The Classic Vienna is one of their Seasonal/Specially brews. At approximately 30 IBUs this isn’t a very hoppy beer but leans a little more on malts.

It pours a deep, clear red with a solid, thick, creamy head. The smell is heavy with roasted nuts and malts. There is also a light herbal sweetness I am picking up. Very light and refreshing, this beer still has a very long “chew” to it. The flavor of the roasted malts and nuts lingers for quite a while. There is also a very light smooth hop finish that I wasn’t expecting. Even though the head was so thick there isn’t much actual in the way of carbonation. Very easy to drink and tasty too!

5.5% Vienna

Today, I am trying a beer from the Saskatchewan brewery of Bushwakker. Thanks to a good friend for bringing a mixed 6-pack of tall boys back for me! Located in Regina, Bushwakker started up in 1991. It is also considered to be one of Canada’s top five breweries by the Globe and Mail. Looking at their website they have a diverse menu when it comes to beers. It almost looks like they have more than Brewster’s and Wild Rose combined.

Well carbonated, this Pilsener pours out a pale gold with a light frothy head. The aroma is subtle with grassy hay, and a light citrus tone that is slightly hoppy. Taste wise it starts of with a grainy, sweet malt. Then moves along to a citrusy hop and finishes up clean, dry bitter taste. Creamy and smooth with a mid-range carbonation. I find this pilsener quite enjoyable and I could see myself sitting down to several of these all year round.

5% Pilsener