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This is my first trial of a beer from Driftwood Brewery. Fitting that it be an IPA as this is one of my favorite styles. The Fat Tug boasts an impressive 80 IBU’s which is excellent for any hop enthusiast. For the individuals that do not know, Driftwood is another brewery in Victoria which seems to only provide beer to the population of British Columbia. I can’t understand why this neglect for Albertan beer lovers seems so common place. Do we smell funny? Anyways, this brewery has been around and kicking since mid 2008. Well they may be young, they have come out with an impressive selection of quality beers.

Pouring a clear golden-orange this Fat Tug IPA pours with a generous white head which laces the sides of the glass. The smells waft with pine and orange citrus hops, along with subtle notes of pineapple and caramel. The taste is a kick in the chops of pine hops, but once you get past that there is a sweetness from the orange citrus hops. Also, a heavy dose of bread malts balance the flavoring of this beer very nicely. I’d say this beer is smooth and dry in the mouth with just the right amount of carbonation. The 7% alc/vol rating in this is actually quite shocking… I would have never thought it was that high.

7% IPA