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My third and final beer at this fine establishment was a Poppy Jasper Amber Ale. I later found out that this brew is created by El Toro Brewing, located in Morgan Hill, California. When I first saw the name of the brew I thought it unusual for a name of the flower and the name of the town in Alberta to be thrown into the same name for a beer. I later found out, through a little research, that “Poppy Jasper” is actually a name for a semi precious stone. Apparently this stone can only be found in Morgan Hill and is believed to have been made by a unique combination of volcanic and seismic activity. Said volcanic activity would have derived from the hill named El Toro, translating into “the bull”.

Pouring a cloudy brownish amber, this brew came with a half finger of white cream head which faded quickly. The aroma is sweet and grainy with some light fruity hints. The taste is dominated by a sweet caramel malt with mild hints of floral hops. This amber was smooth going down and had just the right amount of carbonation. If anything, I found it was just a touch too sweet for my tastes.

5.3% Amber