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Erdinger: Weissbier Dunkel

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Bavaria, Bottle, Germany, Tall-boy

Now to bring you another beer brewed by Erdinger in Germany, we have their Weissbier Dunkel. Loosely translated into “dark wheat beer” it’s very similar to the original Weissbier but very different at the same time. This beer is very dark as you can see but still cloudy in appearance with a very thick head of foam. There is also a significant malt scent in the aroma.

I can still taste to wheatiness of this beer but there is a significant malt flavor to it as well. The darkness of the beer probably comes from a very dark roasted malt. Even though it’s heavy with malts there is still a lot of other flavors working on my tongue. An excellent recipe for a dark beer combining light wheat body with all the flavor of a dark heavy beer.

5.6% Weissbier


Erdinger: Weissbier

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Bavaria, Bottle, Germany, Tall-boy

Well, let me first start off with the fact that I have a guest with me today in my beer tasting. Derik, who writes a movie blog, (this isn’t up yet but look for it on Feb. 1st), and is now exploring the tastes of new beers due to his recent visit to Europe during the last Oktoberfest.

Now, I have chosen to move away for North America and try some European beer. Specifically a German beer know as Erdinger. First up we have their Weissbier “Wheat Beer” from what Derik has told me and he spent sometime in Germany drinking beer during Oktoberfest.

Now usually I am extremely hit and miss when it comes to wheat beers. I either love it or hate it. As for this, it’s in the love category. It’s smooth going down but has a sweet sharpness to it along the sides of the tongue. There is a distinct citrus, wheaty taste that I am very much enjoying.

Now, the brewery has been around since 1886. So, to put it in perspective, this brewery was around before both World Wars, the bra, as well as before the first successful presentation of a gasoline run vehicle. Now, the brewery is actually located in the town in which I believe it might be named after, the city of Erding, Bavaria. They obviously know what they are doing since they have been around for so long.

Here is a Derik’s review on this beer.
“Very good as far as weissbier’s go. It is full of flavor, but I won’t lie I have had better. I like this beer a lot, and do drink a bunch of it on occasion. Though I’d rather be drinking Gunther’s Hefeweizen from Brewster’s Brewery or Ayinger from the brewery of the same name.”

5.3% Weissbier