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Gouden Carolus: Tripelt

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Antwerpen, Belgium, Bottle, Norm

This Belgian beer was originally brewed for the knights of the Order of the Gold Fleece back in 1491. Up to this very day the beer is still brewed according to the ancient tradition using only the finest of ingredients. As per tradition the beer is still matured at length in cellar and bottle. It is also interesting to point out that they exclusively use Belgian hops.

This Belgian beer pours a thick and cloudy golden color with a thick, just off white head. The aroma reminds me of apples, cloves, figs, and the sweetness of pineapple. Honestly I could just sit around and smell this beer. The initial taste reminds me of a caramel coated Granny Smith apple you’d get at a fair. As the sweetness recedes to flavor of cloves and pepper start to come forward and play on the taste buds. The mellower finishing flavors remind me of more tropical fruits like mangoes, pears, and possible a light flavored grape. A complex mouth full of flavors, this beer goes down well. I could see it being dangerous with it being 9% and tasting this good.

9% Tripel