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Well, the other day I was over at a friend’s place and they offered me a drink. How can a guy say no right? They started rambling off various beers when they hit this Granville Island beer. I’d realized I hadn’t tried their Hefeweizen before so I jumped all over it, like a kid pumping into a puddle after a massive rain storm.

Pouring it into a glass, it appeared orange and bubbly. I may have poured it a little gentle though because I didn’t get any head off of the pour. The aroma wafted off heavy with grainy wheat and slightly twisted with a tart lemon zest. The flavoring was quite similar but with just a touch or clove. I’d say this beer seemed quite smooth but had very little carbonation to it. I think it’d be great for sitting in the sun and drinking some beers on the patio.

5% Weizen


Well, I now bring to you the first of many Granville Island beers I am sure will be posted to this blog. The Granville Island Brewery was established in 1984 and was Canada’s first microbrewery. They started out with their Pilsner and have since made many innovative beers.

Amber brown in color, it had a thin bubbly head that disappeared quickly. The aroma is strong with vanilla and caramel. Also for some reason the smell reminds me of a fudgerie, chocolate maybe? Now taste! It’s like I am chewing on vanilla beans! Also, a milder taste of caramel, malts, and a slight nuttiness. Very smooth with a lingering vanilla taste. A much light winter beer then I am used too.

5.5% Ale