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Now I am coming back to Grizzly Paw. Today I am having their Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat. It is made with real honey, local pale malts and wheat. Now before I do the tasting let me start out with this, when it comes to wheat ales I am hit and miss I either like it or don’t. I know people that absolutely love the wheat beers that I try and go yuck… no thanks. So, please, keep this in mind.

It is a clear light yellow with mild carbonation and a then head of foam. The smell is pungent with honey and pepper. For taste, it is heavy with honey when it first hits the mouth. Then… It becomes somewhat bland like an a typical brand name beer.

This beer would probably be good for a beer drinker that is just starting out. A nice way to try something new but not to far out to scare them away from new beers. For someone who is more diverse… They’d either not like it or find it boring. This by the way, would fall into the category of wheat beers that I am not a fan of.

5% Wheat Ale


Well, here we are again. Today I am bringing to you another beer from Grizzly Paw in Canmore. Today’s is the Rutting Elk Red, as you might guess it is an amber style ale.

This Rutting Elk has a deep amber coloring and I was surprised at how little head was produced. There is an aroma of roasted malts and a deep wooden tinge. Almost like cherry wood or mahogany. It has a very rich roasted taste with a heavy caramel taste at the front of the mouth. It leaves almost an over-sweetened after taste in the mouth, similar to that of eating a bunch of Junior’s Caramels. I find that it is a tasty beer but I wouldn’t be able to sit around drinking them for an entire evening.

5% Amber Ale

I actually tried to blog about this beer last night. Unfortunately the restaurant we were in was so dark I couldn’t get a proper photo of the beer… You couldn’t even tell there was a beer in the photo.

So, on out way home from Banff we stopped to wander around Canmore. Where we found the Grizzly Paw restaurant and beer off sales. I scooped myself up a mixed pack and we headed on home.

The Powder Hound is very crisp tasting and easy-going down. It has a light citrus smell and a very light sweetness to it. I would definitely have to say that this Pil is just barely leaning on the malt side of beers. The malts are barely there but the hop is non-existent.

This is would be up there in my top 5 of favorite pilsners. Though I’ve heard that Grizzly Paw has in the recent past had issues with the switching around of Brew Masters. I don’t know anything 100% but it seems like whatever wrinkles there have been ironed out and great beer is flowing once again.

4.5% Pilsner