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Hoegaarden: Hoegaarden

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Belgium, Flanders, Questionable, Tap

Well, today I am bringing you another Belgium beer. One that some of you know already and a surprising amount have neither seen it or heard of it. This my friends is Hoegaarden. 3 of my 4 companions at the table responded the exact same way… “What the hell is that?” Pure deliciousness I told them. I can honestly say I have never been disappointed with a Hoegaarden. Though I’ve never tried the beer bottled it seems that this beer is meant, and only meant, to be drunken off tap.

The beer has a natural yellowish cloudy appearance, with a very thin layer of white head. Aroma consists of yeast, orange, and a very light splash of spice. Now the taste has the sweet taste of an orange but also a very small twist of tartness that is also citrus in style, the first thing that comes to mind is a weak lime or a sweetish grapefruit. It leaves a dry, grainy texture in the mouth and I’d have to say extremely drinkable. Normally I know that this beer has much more carbonation then this so I am guessing the waitress let it sit for a while or it’s an old keg.

Now I’ve always thought that Hoegaarden made only this one beer. Upon further inspection I have discovered that they have a total of 5 beers in their repertoire. Hoegaarden is actually named after the town in which it was first brewed back in 1445. Hoegaarden is also located in the province of Flanders in case any of you decide you’d like to visit the brewery.

5% Witbier