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Well, it has been awhile since I’ve had myself a Howe Sound brew. This go round I’ve chosen to crack open a bottle of their Garibaldi Honey Pale Ale. This ale is named after the highest peak in their region Mount Garibaldi. Which is named after an Italian war hero, Guiseppe Garibaldi. Please, if we meet in person, do not ask me to pronounce this gentleman’s name. I wouldn’t want to butcher the Italian dialect that brutally.

Pouring a pale yellow, this pale ale poured with two fingers of head which quickly diminished. Aromas that I am picking up are some sweet malts, a touch of honey and some subtle floral hops. The first initial taste seems like a typical lager, but then the honey comes in with a quick left jab. The honey dominates the beer after the first sip. There is very little in the way of a bitter hop showing up to the field. I have to say that this seems quite carbonated, which works well with the flavor of this beer. Not to be crude, but, burping almost seems to cut back the thick coating the honey flavor leaves behind. I could see this being an excellent beer for an afternoon relaxing on the patio with some spicy food cooking on the BBQ.

5% Pale


Now for a seasonal beer from Howe Sound Brewery. Father John’s has four different malts, two hops, and a multitude of spices and flavors. This was named after John Mitchell, Howe Sound’s original brewer and one of the father’s of Canadian microbrewing.

When poured it appears a nice hazy amber color. Not something is usually expect from a winter beer, they are usually much darker. The head is surprisingly firm and doesn’t recede quickly and is a very light off white color, kinda like white with the barest hint of a reddish-brown. Now the aroma is very familiar for a winter beer. My nose is filled with nutmeg, cinnamon, caramel, clove, and I think I can detect a very small hint of citrus… Though I could be wrong on that last one. Though this winter ale isn’t as dark as it partners in crime, it still has many spices that dance on the taste buds. The nutmeg, cinnamon, with a touch of ginger remind me of ginger bread cookies or Christmas cake. A tasty way to try a winter beer for those individuals who do not like dark beers.

For another perspective on the beer see my friend Chris’s blog posting. He also tried something unique using this beer. I believe he called it beernog! If I had any eggnog left I’d give it a try.

7% Winter Ale

Now we move along to the Devil’s Elbow! Doesn’t that sound intense? Howe Sound Brewing has been brewing in Squamish, B.C. since ’96 and I must say I am impressed with their choice of selection. Though, sadly, most of which I can’t seem to find in Alberta. They also seem to take in interest in their consumer base, doing this and that at various events.

The Devil’s Elbow pours a slightly cloudy, copper orange. Topped off with a very thick, creamy white head that trails down the glass leaving a nice lacing residue. Mellow hop, pine aroma with a sting of alcohol. I must say the last beer has somewhat affected the tasting of this beer. It tastes of pine, hops, and a light toffee. There is also a spice that I can’t quite put my finger on. It leaves a clean, dry finish with a constant light hop taste that just doesn’t fad away.

Rob says:
“Got a preview of this beer due to a sub-par pouring by Scoop and it was an eye-opener compared to the last beer. Initial smell stings the nostrils. No lack of hoppy smell. Strong hoppy taste but surprising clean finish. Good for a pint or two.”

6% IPA