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Well, to bring in my 3rd month of blogging, I’ve chosen to hop over to the other side of the pond towards Japan. Ise Kadoya began in 1997 with their first batch being a Pale Ale. They are small but concentrate on quality over quantity. That is show by them winning an international beer award in 2003 the gold medal for “Best in Class” with their Pale Ale. Similar to Brewsters they brew a new seasonal each month, which I hope we will get here but… kinda doubt.

Pours an orange amber color with a gigantic head of foam. Which I might add stayed solid for a long time and did not bubble away. For an IPA the smell is very light, some might say weak, but I find it a refreshing change. Don’t get me wrong, I am a hop head, but something new is nice. It smells lightly of flowery hops, citrus, and a very light pine. For some reason it also reminds me of the smell of freshly pressed apple juice from when I was a kid. For my first try of an oriental hop beer I am a little impressed. I’m used to their rice beers and this is actually a decent pale ale with hops. I’d say it’s very grassy and flowery. If I were to hazard a guess they probably based the beer around one main hop which gives of a flowery taste and aroma. There is also a grittiness to the beer, like when someone uses too much coffee grounds. Also, a slight citrus tone that is just barely there.

5% Pale