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Later on that 2nd day, I was becoming quite parched from the blazing Californian sun. We happened to be in the California Adventure park once again so I zipped over to the Karl Strauss brew truck one more time. When I got there I hummed, then I hawed, then I finished up by making my choice the Windansea Wheat Hefeweizen. I thought a Hefe would best suite my dry, barren pallet.

From what I could tell, through the yellow cup, this beer looked cloudy and yellow. Imagine that, a beer looking yellow in a yellow cup… From the pour, there wasn’t much room for a head to form but what little was there it was white and fluffy. The aroma was packed with banana, with a light touch of clove to the nose. There was also a light touch of wheaty bread in the nose but not too much. The taste was as expected, bready malts upfront, with bananas coming right up the middle. There was also a slightly surprising lemon twist near the end. Not too much, just enough to be a little noticeable.

5.1% Hefe


On our second day in Anaheim we chose to explore Disney’s California Adventures. We went on many rides even before noon and soon the heat and hunger was getting to us. Originally I was informed I would not find any beer in Disney Land’s parks. I was originally surprised to find that wrong about Downtown Disney, but even more so in California Adventures! Karl Strauss Brewing actually had a truck setup in what I’d refer to as the “food court” of the theme park. I honestly hadn’t heard of this brewery but I wasn’t going to allow the mishap from the night before to prevent me from trying something new. I chose to go with what I though to be the best bet which was their Tower 10 IPA. The brew is named in honor of Tower 10 on San Diego’s beach. This was the spot, in the late 80’s, where the two college grads and a 75 year-old master brewer laid down plans to open the first craft brewery since the Prohibition. I know that you can’t really see the beer very well in this yellow plastic cup. The yellow cup is to make sure children aren’t drinking alcohol, at least that would be my guess since only alcohol got put into them. I chose to share this with you anyway, due to the fact it’s a delicious beer.

This IPA poured with a fingers worth of frothy, cream-colored head. I believe it was golden in color, though it’s hard to tell due to the glass it was poured into. I can tell you that it was clear and quite bubbly. The aroma wafted with pine, grapefruit and a touch of honey. The taste was extremely refreshing. Initial slap of pine, lemons, grapefruits, followed with a finish of caramel and light floral hints. Overall, a very refreshing beer, that hit the spot, and tasted great.

6.5% IPA