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Well, today I am bringing to you yet another Belgian beer. This time it is the Blonde Tradition from Brasserie La Binchoise. This brewery is located in the town of Binche with a population of approximately 33,000 people. The brewery is quite young being only built back in 1989. Yet, there has been beer production on this site since 1847. Now, if you look closely at the bottle you’ll notice that there are what appear to be what I thought were just silly characters. I was terribly wrong. This image is a depiction of the Carnival of Bince. During this carnival up to 1,000 people are dressed as “Gilles” which is a coveted honor placed on anyone from the ages of 3 to 60. I can’t say that I fully understand the reasoning behind the festival, but it certainly looks like part of Belgians rich heritage.

This Belgian blonde pours a hazy golden-yellow. When I first cracked this bad boy open it instantly started spewing head out of the bottle. I’ve been told this happens frequently with Belgian beers but I’ve never seen one quite act like that. Once poured it have me two fingers of pure white head which quickly receded. It did leave behind small “islands” on the surface and a ring of lace around the edge. The aroma is very complex. I am picking up notes of peppery hops along with the sweetness of apples, pears and just a touch of spice that I believe is coriander. The taste is sweet like sugar cane up front. It then melds into an almost fruity beer with flavors of the apple and pear coming thru. The tail end of the beer is somewhat dry with the hints of pepper coming thru in the aftertaste. As I work my way down the glass, I’ve also noticed subtle hints of banana notes in the after taste. This could be the yeast used in the production.

6.2% Blonde