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Well, after that tasty, dark imperial stout I had last night I thought I might go a tad lighter today. The Lagunitas Czech Style Pilsner, from what I understand, is their brew to get none craft drinkers in the door. Get the people in to open their eyes! I’ve been told it has a low bitterness rating and isn’t very hoppy. Aren’t pilsners supposed to be hoppy though? Well, here goes nothing.

Pouring a clear golden-yellow, this pilsner is alive with bubbles. The head is pure white and fades extremely quick, leaving no lacing behind. The aroma wafting off hints at a crispness of citrus and a light grassy hop. Thankfully, the taste is more potent than the aroma. Initially sharp with a slap of bitterness the first sips take me by surprise. There is a variety of spices flowing through the beer. I am honestly having a difficult time pin pointing what the spices are. I think there might be a small amount of pepper. Anyways, as I was informed, there is very little hop to this pilsner. This would be great on a hot sunny day and would be a great way to break in a non-hophead. One thing that dis catch my attention way how long the bitterness stayed with me. Tagging along with it though, was a light, subtle sweetness.

6.2% Pil


Lagunitas Brewing: Maximus

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Bottle, California, Stubby, U.S.A.

Well, to finish up my 1-beer a day goal. I am bringing to you Langunitas Maximus. With a IBU rating of 72 this beer also has an alcohol rating of 7.5%. Though I am a touch confused because the company’s main site says it gas 8.2%? Is this what 2011 has on store for us? If so there line of “Caution: May remove enamel from teeth” would be appropriate.

Poured a clear orange copper with a thin head of foam that disappeared so fast I couldn’t get a picture in time. Smells flowery with a citrus twist. Possibly some tropical fruit as well… Nectarine? Banana? Unlike a large portion of the beers I’ve tried by Langunitas, this beer does not weigh so heavily on hops. There is a nice hop to malt ratio going on in my mouth. A brunt of bitterness greats the mouth to begin. Then it blends to a sweet citrusy hop, I believe a combo of orange and lemon, them ends with a dry, molasses style malt.

7.5% IPA

Now for a tasty treat from Lagunitas. We have their Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale which is their September seasonal. I managed to keep a bottle hidden away for all this time. Unfortunately I also just found out that it is pointless and actually bad to store hoppy beers away. You see, the hop flavor actually disperses over time and you lose that hoppy flavor that all hop heads love. Thankfully I have tried this before so it won’t be fully ruined for me.

It pours clear and golden with two fingers of head. The aroma is somewhat on the citrus side, with caramel and a touch of spices. Sweet citrus flavor, almost like pineapple, and somewhat grassy. There is a medium, borderline mild, bitter hop finish. I remember this bitter hop being stronger in previous bottles. This is still tasty and I am enjoying it, but I can see how it has degraded.

8.85% Ale

Our third beer of the night was Lagunitas’ Hairy Eyeball Ale. My friend Jordan managed to scoop up the last 6-pack at Willow Park Wines and Spirits. Though, he was told that they were expecting more to be coming in.

Poured it appears a dark reddish-brown, with a thin creamy white head. Smells of caramel and roasted malts. Now for taste, I’d say it has dark molasses, dark roasted malts, with a distinct earthy taste. Not much hops to be found in this beer, which I find somewhat surprising from Lagunitas. A very tasty winter beer.

9% Ale

Well, it has been awhile and I feel like I’ve left Lagunitas on the sidelines for long enough. I am bringing to you a bottle, that I picked up many months ago, that commemorates the 13th anniversary of Lagunitas. Now this was released back in June of 2010 so I really doubt you’ll find this on any shelves. So, I am kinda just being a jerk by teasing you with this. I am just a jerk like that though.

Coloring is a deep red copper with a nice white cap of foam. The aroma is that of sweet malts and a citrusy, hoppy goodness. Now taste, this beer is an excellent example of what can be done with a red ale. It has the sweetness with a hint of caramel you’d expect, it is also slightly bitter with a descent amount of malts. The bitterness probably comes from the hops. I can also detect a hint of woodenness, I believe it might spruce or pine. Now with this beer coming from Lagunitas I had expected it to be very hoppy, as is their usual style, but I was surprised to find that it wasn’t. The hop is still there, but not as much upfront as most of their beers.

Now, I was lucky enough to have tried this before and I knew it was good then. So, I grabbed this extra bottle to tuck away to try later on. I must say it still tastes as good as before. This would be one of the occasions where I would say “If it’s a limited release and you like it. Grab more than one bottle because you’ll probably never see it again.”

8.3% Red

Lagunitas made this beer specially for hop-heads. With an IBU of 102 it is quite hoppy, but in all honesty they have pulled off better. They tried to mash as many different style hops in as they possibly could. Hops that add a citrus flavor, hops that add a raspberry flavor, even one that has a hint of roses.

The Hop Stoopid Ale pours a coppery gold with a thin white head that leaves a nice lacing. The smell is obviously hoppy with slight hints at pine, grapefruit, flowery, and I think I’m detecting a hint of pineapple. The taste is blatantly hoppy upfront but the mass hops fad quite quickly. Though a strong bitterness sticks around for a long time accompanied by a distinct pine. In the mid-range there is also hints of sour grapefruit and a sweetness from apricots or possibly even nectarines.

8% Ale

Wow… This one is something else. Amber in colour but PACKED with flavor! As always with Lagunitas it’s a very hoppy beer, an I.B.U. of 51.1 , but the hops are ducking it out with the sweetness of brown sugar in my mouth. It has a very deep, richly toasted taste to it. Great for any cold winter night!

I was so curious about this beer I actually looked it up online. I found out that this is actually a failed attempt at a remaking of their Olde GnarlyWine Ale from back in 1997. All I have to say to that is that you gotta love it when something good and delicious come out of a botched job!

Now, Lagunitas (LAH-GOO-KNEE-TUS) is located in Petaluma, California. Which by the way is north of San Francisco, I had to look it up. I can honestly say I’ve never been disappointed with this brewery. Though I must say it is not for those who are faint at heart when it comes hoppy beers.

9.99% Ale