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Well, I’ve chosen to try out another Doppelbock to compare it to the one I had from Tree this weekend. This time I’ve chosen to try out Lighthouse Brewing’s Navigator Doppelbock. Brewing out of Victoria this is one of their “Small Brewery – Big Flavour” series which is only available for a limited time. Another nice touch is that they had the label artwork done by Victoria artist Martin Machacek.

The Navigator pours a deep, dark brown which shows red when held up light. The head is tan in color and recedes to a thin layer without lacing the sides. The aroma is thick with raisins, peppers, toffee and chocolate. The taste is rich, thick, and long-lasting. Flavoring this beer is tons of dark roasted malts, dark raisins, slight caramel to level it out, and a smokey toasted nut to finish it off. You can really taste the alcohol in this beer though it isn’t too overpowering. Compared to Tree’s Doppelbock this has stronger, longer lasting flavor. Though I’d have to add that the alcohol level is more noticeable in Lighthouse’s brew.

8.5% Bock