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As our first day began to roll on into the evening we chose to pop into the Rain Forest Cafe for a small appy, or dessert depending on the individual. Browsing through their beer selection, I spotted a beer I’ve never heard of before, so I pounced on it like a jungle cat. Well, much later, I chose to do some research before posting my blog. I found out that this basic, quite boring, yellow bubbly beverage is actually brewed by the large-scale brewers that also brew Budweiser, Bud light, Alexander Keith’s, and Kokanee. Yes, I got caught in the net of Anheuser Busch.

The beer poured out clear, yellow like the coloring of straw, with a thin white head. With how aggressive I poured the beer there should have been more head, but what little I did obtain vanished quite quickly. The aroma wafted off smelling of corn and nickel. The taste is pale, bland, featureless. Watered down pale malts, corn, maybe a light amount of wheat. The texture seemed slick and buttery. In all honesty, this might be a good beer after working all day in the sun. Though, if you are looking for something to tackle your taste buds, this is not it.

4.7% Lager