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Well, it is time to finish off with my trilogy of La Vache Folle. Today, I bring to you the Centennial DIPA. Oh, one thing I’ve finally figured out is that La Vache Folle translates into “the mad cow”. So, if after having three of these beers I suddenly start writing incoherently, please understand that it was the mad cow that did me in.

This DIPA pours a similar reddish coppery coloring as it’s cousins the Columbus and Simcoe. Also, like the Simcoe it poured with a thick cap head. Which makes me wonder, “did using a different style of glass for the Columbus reduce how much head was produced during the pour”? My guess would be a solid yes. Anyways, I’ve distracted myself from this fine beer. This DIPA has an exquisite aroma! I am picking up hints of pine and I believe cedar, caramel malts, and the tell-tale distinctive bitterness commonly associated with IPAs. The taste is sweet and sharp! It starts off with a sweetness of maple syrup with a light citrus hint. Then, it swiftly shifts over to a sharp, bitter, pine with a wooden cask feel and taste. Finely, it finishes off with a thick, yet dry, sweetness of the caramel malts. For a beer that contains 9% alcohol, it is extremely well hidden. This beer is tasty and goes down easy, an excellent way to show off the Centennial hop.



Well, I figure it’s as good a time as any to keep up with these tasty Quebec Double IPA’s before the hops wither away in the bottle. This time it is their Double IPA featuring the Columbus hops!

This IPA poured with surprisingly less head then the last IPA I had from this brewery. Could it have something to do with the type of hops? The way I stored it? It didn’t instantly start bubbling out when I cracked the cap… Anyways, the Columbus Double IPA has a very similar coloring to it’s Simcoe cousin of a reddish coppery hue. The thin layer of head was a pure white and did leave lacing on the sides of the glass. I am surprised though at the aroma of this beer. Compared to the Simcoe there isn’t much aroma at all. I may unfortunately waited to long to crack this bad boy open. I am picking up some light pine, floral, and citrus hops though. The taste is still kicking! Very citrusy with grapefruit, pineapple, and lemon. There is also a lingering pine that lasts, and lasts, and lasts. Along side that pine is a smooth, creamy caramel that seems to coat the tongue. This DIPA isn’t highly carbonated as I mentioned earlier and it’s 9% rating is very well disguised.


Well, it appears that I’ve neglected Quebec for far too long. I have a handy cap where I honestly only know a couple of phrases in French, so, I am at a huge disadvantage. I have chosen my first beer from Quebec to be from Microbrasserie Charlevoix. More specifically their La Vache Folle Simcoe Double IPA. Their brewery has been active since 1998 but in 2009 they moved their operation into a newer, more modern, facility to increase production. I believe this is for a very good and valid reason.

The fine example of a brew made in Quebec is alive with bubbles! It is bright, clear and a reddish copper in color. The two fingers of head are thick and very slowly wilt away to a thick cap. Along the way it leave an excessive amount of lacing along the edges. From appearances alone, if I hadn’t know where the beer was from, I would have thought this to be a Belgian beer. The aroma comes off like sweet caramel with just a hint of sour grapefruit. The taste is impeccable! Right up front I am hit with the bitter hops and sweet malts all at once for a magical blend! It then blends into an almost spiritual blend of various fruit hops. I believe I’m picking up grapefruit, orange, and possible tangerine. This is all wrapped up with a mild pine and extremely light grassy finish. I honestly wish I’d picked more of this up.