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I think it is time to revisit Mill Street Brewery. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had a beer from our province of Ontario. This time I’m going to be having their Coffee Porter. I’ve had this porter a time or two, but it has been quite the while so I’m honestly going in with an open mind.

The Coffee Porter from Mill Street pours pitch black with a brown head. The head poured two fingers tall and has an excellent retention. It also leaves an excellent amount of lacing along the glass as it slowly recedes after a couple of minutes. The aroma is sweet with roasted toffee malts with bitter coffee bringing up the rear as the muscle builder body-guard. Now the taste is surprisingly complex. Right up front it’s like a punch in the face with coffee malts. As the coffee mellows out in comes the sweet toffee with its cousin caramel to sweeten things up. Then finally it finishes off with an aftertaste of what I can only describe as dark chocolate milk. I find that this porter isn’t mid range carbonation with a quite dry finish. These dry beers get me every time… I just keep reaching for another sip.

5.5% Porter


Mill Street: Stock Ale

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Bottle, Canada, Norm, Ontario

A new week has come and new beers have come with it. Today I was given a bottle of Mill Street Stock Ale by a very nice lady. To be honest, I’ve always seen Mill Street up on the shelves of liquor stores, but, I’ve never thought “I should pick that up and give it a try.” So, this is an honest first taste of this beer.

I noticed that it pours a deep golden color and there was a surprising amount of bubbles rising along the edge of the glass. I could smell something sweet, yet a citrus twist too it.  The body has a very lightness to it. It’s almost like drinking “summer.” I has a bit of a sweetish malt to it as well as a citrus twist. I believe this beer would go great with a wedge of lime or lemon. Honestly, this is a summer beer… or for individuals who can’t handle darker winter style beers.

Mill Street is actually a brew pub in Toronto, Ontario whom have been in business since 2006. Going to their website I realized that they actually have a larger selection then I had realized. Most of which I have never spotted in Alberta nor in B.C.

5% Blond Ale