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Now, for another honest first try from a completely new brewery, to me that is. I have yet to have a beer from Pyramid Breweries and honestly don’t know much about them. From a quick search on the internet I’ve found that they originally opened their doors in 1984 as Hart Brewing. Another interesting fact is that they actually have two breweries, one in Seattle, Washington and the second in Berkeley, California. So, as you can probably tell, this isn’t a small micro brew setup, but more a full-scale operation.

Pouring with a slight reddish-golden hue, the Thunderhead had a finger width of foam which lasts for a lengthy time. The aroma coming off smells of citrus and pine hops. There is also a light sweetness, I believe it to be honey. The taste is very similar to the smell. Citrus and pine hops dominate the flavor. Well a smooth honey taste melds the flavors together with a mild bitterness, it also lingers into a sweet aftertaste. The label reads that this is a “Hop Heaping Indian Pale Ale”, which I find a tad of an overstatement. It tastes great, but it isn’t a hoppy blast which most hop heads strive to find.

6.7% I.P.A.