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Well, I believe it is time for me to pull the “jerk” card again. I have quite a few beers in my cellar that are yearly limited editions or one time brews. I have to drink them at some point don’t I? Well, here is a pre-review on R&B Brewing’s Auld Nick Winter Ale for next season. Just be warned! When it comes to seasonal beer, especially winter beers, they can vary from year to year.

This winter ale pours a dark brown, almost black, but when held up to light it shows the smallest amount of red right where the light passes through. The head is a light cappuccino coloring which collapses quickly but leaves a ring around the edge. The aroma comes off dark and malty. There is also a heaviness of dark fruits, I believe it to be raisins or possibly prunes. The taste confirms that may guess of prunes was right on the mark. There is also the flavorings of dark malts, not heavily roasted but still dark, and a thick, dark molasses. I’m picking up just the slightest of hints of licorice in the after taste. It isn’t in any way over powering, seeing as I am not really a black licorice fan, which makes it still drinkable. The carbonation seemed quite weak in this ale. This might be due to improper storage here in my home, I am not really sure.

6.5% Strong Ale


Well, today I bring to you a Vancouver Brewery. R&B Brewing from what I’ve read are very active in the community, with the food and art scene, to doing various fund-raisers and charity events. Oh, just because I’m sure someone will ask, I looked up and found out that R&B stands for Rick and Barry the founders of this micro-brewery. This micro-brew employs between seven to ten people depending on the season, so I’d assume it is a very tight and close-knit group.

Bright orange in color, this IPA has a nice white cap for head that runs nicely down the side of the glass. The aroma gas a delicious citrus yet hoppy punch. Smelling it instantly makes my saliva glands start working in over drive. I believe the citrus smell is either lemon or grapefruit. The tasting starts off with a light sweetness that turns into a kick from the hops, but slowly mellows out to a vanilla/citrus combo. This would be a great beer to sit around a campfire or patio with your group of friends.

6% IPA