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Well, back over to this side of the continent, we have ourselves Rogues rebirth of Eugene City Brewery. Originally built back in 1866, Eugene City Brewery exchanged hands several time until it was unfortunately torn down in 1914. Rogue has reopened it just across the street from where it once stood. Using all-natural ingredients they continue to produce many delicious artisan ales.

The 200 Meter ale pours a hazy, vibrant orange with decent head of foam which holds firm and doesn’t dissipate. As it slowly does though it clings to the sides if the glass. It smells sweet and inviting. Citrus and pine hops are right at the forefront of the aroma. The taste is divine with a light caramel malt sweetness holding hands with a bitter pine hop. As they skip on down the street along comes a powerful, bitter grapefruit, citrus punch to finish it off. This bitterness, like a bruised ego, lasts a long time. As an IPA kinda guy… I have to say I’ve enjoyed this beer thoroughly.

?% IPA 


Rogue Ales: Mocha Porter

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Bottle, Norm, Oregon, U.S.A.

To start out, I’d like to say I have actually never tried this Rogue… It seems to have been around for quite a while but I seem to have missed it. Back in 2005 it was awarded the gold medal for “Best in Show” at the International Beer Competitions. Not only did they take home that gold… They won a history-making four out of eleven gold medals. An impressive feat when going up against brewers around the world with 40 judges on the panel.

Dark ruddy brown in color this mocha porter has a cappuccino tinted head. The two fingers if head recedes slowly leaving a glorious lacing on the edge of the glass. The aroma wafts with dark, roasted, smokey malts. Holding the hands of the malt are a touch of coffee and a light sweetness of chocolate. The taste starts off with the sweetness of chocolate and caramel, but blurs into and almost blend of bitter and sour with a touch of spice. Bitter coming from the coffee, spice I’d guess would be cloves, and I can’t quite pin point the sour. The bitterness of the coffee lasts for a long time in the after taste. It feels quite creamy in the smooth but finishes up very dry… making me want to reach for the glass again. Delicious.

5% Porter

Rogue Ales: MoM Hefeweizen

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Bottle, Oregon, Tall-boy, U.S.A.

Well, to start off with, the MoM Hefeweizen used to be known as “Half-E-Weizen.” Rogue has dedicated this beer to the Mom in each of us. What does that mean exactly? I do not know. This is a Belgian-style blond ale which has been spiced up with coriander and ginger. To quote a wise man

“A women drove me to drink and I didn’t even have the decency to thank her.” – W. C. Fields

This Hef pours a crystal clear yellow with continuous small bubbles floating up to the surface. It honestly reminds me of a fish tank. The bubbles… Not the yellow part. It also has a thin layer of white head that continuously gets replaced by the bubbles arriving at the top. It smells of wheat, grass, and surprisingly citrusy like a lime. The taste is slightly mellower then the smell. Heavy with the wheat and spices. The coriander is really coming through well the lime citrus I smelled is tamed down until the last moment when it hits the back, right side of the tongue. Honestly I can’t taste much of the ginger. This would be a great brew to have on a patio with BBQ’d salmon or some spicy ribs.

5.2% Blond

This is surprisingly my first Rogue addition to my blog. I must also say I think it is a great addition. The Chatoe series by Rogue is their GYO “Grow Your Own” series. Rogue made this lager with hops and barley they grew themselves. I must say, it is a sweet idea for a brewery to have complete control of everything going into their beers. For those who care, this lager has 35 IBUs. For the individuals who are scratching their heads now, that is the “rating” of how much hops there is in the lager. The higher the number the more hoppy it is. 35 wouldn’t be considered very high.

The coloring of this lager is jet black, and I must say this is the darkest head of foam I have ever seen. The head itself is as dark as chocolate. My nose is filled with chocolate, dark malts, a touch of maple, and a hint of coffee. Flavor wise it is dark like a Guinness, but has a potent chocolate and nutty flavor explosion. The roasted malts and caramel come bringing in the rear, leaving a tasty, dark, creamy caramel taste in the mouth. Unlike Guinness though, this lager is quite carbonated. Which I must say almost detracts from the flavor.

6.2% Lager