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Well, this is my first review on a Russell beer and to be honest I have tried it before. Located in Surrey, BC the Russell brewery is one of the fastest growing breweries in BC. Russell brewery actually has a sister brewery in Manitoba. If you are from there you’ve probably heard of Fort Garry Brewing. Russell and Fort Garry are both owned by Russell Breweries Inc. Now Blood Alley is actually named after a well-known cobblestone lane way in Gastown, a district in Vancouver. I’ll give you one guess what trade used to be practiced along that road. This extra special bitter (E.S.B.) is one of Russell’s Brewmaster series and will only be around for a limited time.

Amber copper in color, this bitter pours with a small white head which dissipated quickly and laced the glass. The Blood Alley has quite the hoppy aroma with pine and orange citrus taking the forefront. In the back ground though, lays hidden the subtle dark malts known for in bitters. The taste is similar with the pine hops jumping right out at you at first sip. Then, the malty bitterness shows up to rule the show. This is accompanied by a subtle toffee sweetness and a grapefruit citrus. The feel of the beer in my mouth is both a smooth and a dry bitter feel with a very light carbonation. This is a very tasty beer, but, I kind of expected more hop from a beer with a rating of 50 IBU.

5.5% ESB