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The first thing I noticed about this lager was its deep red coloring. The smell was fantastic and had hints of cinnamon and other complex spices. I could not quite put my finger on any other specifics right away. Once I finally tasted it I could tell there was a touch of orange citrus in the mix. I could tell there was something else I was missing… Something I was almost chewing on.

This is a very dark, hearty beer and would go well with a long, heavy meal so something very spicy. The taste was bugging me so I went online and found out that it is ginger! I wouldn’t have guess it ever. Ginger usually isn’t my thing, but the brewers at Samuel Adams have paired it nicely with other ingredients to make it more drinkable.

Now from what I’ve learned from their advertising and commercials. Samuel Adams doesn’t like to do things small. When they add ingredients they go overboard! They make it sound like they throw tons in and sit back to see what happens. Now some may know this and some may not, the Samuel Adams Brewery is located in Boston. I know, shocker right?

5.5% Lager