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Returning back overseas to England I am trying another of Samuel Smith’s beers. This time it is the Nut Brown Ale. Which happened to have won the Gold Medal for “Top-Rated Brown Ale” at the World Beer Championships in 2004 and 2010.

It pours a dark, clear amber color with two fingers of off white head. The aroma smells of spices, caramel, slightly malty, as well as the obvious toasted nutty smell. The taste is very similar with malts, nutty, some mixed spices. What really caught me off guard was the strong apple twist in the aftertaste. It almost finishes like a cider. Very drinkable… But I’d have to say the apple is throwing it off for me.

5% Ale


I figured it was time to take another trip over the pond for a different take on beer again. This time we head over to England. Samuel Smith is located in one of Yorkshire’s oldest breweries. The original brewery was founded back in 1758 and was later taken over in 1852 by John Smith whom was funded by his father Samuel. Much history was written in this brewery and it all regarded various family members controlling the brewery at one point or another. Samuel’s Smith still remains an independent brewery to this day which a rarity in this region. Surprisingly this beer, and several in their show case, are vegan friendly and certified organic by the USDA-accredited UK Soils Association.

Bright orange in appearance, this beer has a hazy appearance when first poured. Under a nice white cap of foam it dissipates though leaving behind a still bubbly beer. The aroma has a smack of honey a hint of something with citrus. If I were to put a name to it I’d think it was a tangerine and maybe apricots. Taste wise, it is potent with the taste of apricots along with a dash of nutmeg. Very sweet up front but dry and crisp at the back with honey rolling back and forth in between.

5% Ale