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To be completely honest, I haven’t tried too many Russian imperial Stouts. I have tried this one though. The KGB I’ve found to be right up my alley! This stout was the winning home-brew at the Aurora Brewing Challenge by Bruce Sample. He named this after his buddies Glen and Kevin, K.G.B. In my opinion this is an excellent heavy beer that is not to be taken lightly.

This Russian Imperial Stout would make Mother Russia proud. It pours out black as coal and has a light brown finger worth of head, which takes quite awhile to recede. Once it has slowly finishes receding it has left behind a small amount of lacing on the glass. My nose has picked up the scent of caramel, chocolate, espresso, and roasted malts. One thing I do noticed is that, even with a 10% alcohol rating, there isn’t a massive kick of booze to the nose. The taste is unique and complex. It starts out with a sweet caramel which doesn’t last long. After that quickly fads, the stout becomes thick and chewy. The thickness has flavors exploding everywhere. Flavors like dark roasted malts, chocolate and a distinct nuttiness. The tail end of the taste is a majority flavor of dark, burnt caramel. Something subtle I’ve also noticed is that every now and then I’ll get a sweet cherry hint at the finishing line of this stout. It doesn’t happen with every sip, maybe every 3rd or 4th. Also, this beer has a huge kick. Not an alcohol flavor kick, but more of a “Wow! That’s potent!”

10% Stout


Well, Sherbrooke has once again contracted Alley Kat to brew yet another crazy beer for them. This Dunkelweiss has been brewed in such a way that it is supposed to taste of bananas. I know! Bananas? I’ve been told it is unique and tasty so I trekked my way up to Edmonton and picked up a 6-pack. Oh, just a heads up, it clearly says on the ingredients label “Yes, we have no bananas.” So, there isn’t a banana in the whole bunch.

The Mojo A’peel poured a dark, murky brown with an abundant head. The head was tan in color and had little retention, fading away quickly. As for the aroma, it was heavy with yeast and grains with a subtle sweetness that I couldn’t put my finger on. Now the taste is completely not what I had expected. Here I thought it would be like a banana beer. In all honestly it has hints of over ripened bananas but it isn’t overly “bananaesk” like I thought it would be. Very much a Dunkel style beer, it is yeasty and wheaty with a touch of bitter hops leveling it out. It is also heavy with brown sugar and vanilla, which is probably what gives it the banana like flavor, interacting with the yeast and wheat. A unique taste, but I wouldn’t want to have more than one in a row.

6.5% DunkelĀ 

Well, if I am not mistaken, there is a huge taboo regarding the tradition of green beer on Saint Patrick’s Day. What if the brewer intends it though? That has to be a loop-hole somewhere because Alley Kat Brewery has done just that. They’ve made up a Belgium-styled lager and bottled it green. Did I say green? Yes, very, very green. Unfortunately this is yet another case of a contract brew done up for Sherbrooke Liquor Store located in Edmonton. So, I wasn’t able to have this for the day of celebration. Though I did manage to pick up a few bottles for the weekend. From what I understand this is a yearly brew done up for the celebratory day… So, next year?

This Shamrock pours a unique emerald-green! No green dye required to make this your Saint Patrick’s day beer. A just off white head, tinged slightly green that is, recedes quickly with no lacing. It’s aroma has the mellowness of very soft grains and a slight crispness probably from hops, very much a Belgium-styled lager. The deep green is still freaking me out. Being used to a cheap generic green beer the flavor of this blows my mind. It starts out very sweet and malty them morphs into an almost spicy beer. I can’t quite put my finger on the spice. The finishing touch is a very mild bitter hop taste. Very easy to drink, which is dangerous due to it’s 7.1% alc./vol.

7.1% Belgian

So, I feel like I should give everyone a heads up. I am currently sick so… My sense of smell is non-existent. Due to this my taste buds are somewhat outta whack. Due to this I will not be trying anything that I chose to deem as “super unique” until such a time as I have full functionality of my palate . That being said…

This beer is what I’d call a gimmick beer. Brewed by Alley Kat specifically for Sherbrooke Liquor store in Edmonton. You can’t buy this anywhere else. Not even Alley Kat employees were allowed to try before it was shipped. From what I can tell it’s a basic lager. I’d chose it over Bud, Canadian, or Kokanee… But I would also rarely choose to drink any of the above unless there were no other options.

I mostly bought this bottle because I was there and I grabbed my attention. Like any good marketing should. If you didn’t know already… I am a sucker for marketing and trying everything at least once. Especially if it says NEW.

As for Alley Kat, it is also located in Edmonton, Alberta. I have tried many of their beers and I believe I can honestly say that I have yet to find one that I could say I didn’t like. So the fact that they have brewed a few different gimmick beers for Sherbrooke I hope doesn’t turn people away from trying this great breweries beers.

5% Lager