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I am now going to try a special Halloween beer… Yes, I know it’s January, do you expect me to wait? Anyways, Shmaltz came out with a special Freaktoberfest beer under their Coney Island label. They brought the alcohol content up to 6.66%. It also contains 6 hops and 6 malts and they’ve classified it as a “Blood Red Lager.”

I’ve changed how I try to normally take the photos. Due to the fact that the normal way just wasn’t showing how blood red this lager really is… It still doesn’t. The smell us nothing really special, slight sweetness of malt and a tinge of bitter hops. The flavor is lightly sweetened with malts and has a touch of bitter hops. A little chewy at the end but very drinkable. Over all I’d say it is a fun drink that goes down easy.

6.66% Lager


Well, this marks the end of the He’Brew tradition of upping the ante each year. Though I have to say I am excited to try this latest installment! They have taken the last seven Jewbelation beers, mixed them all together, then slammed them into 6-year-old rye whiskey barrels. I can see only good coming from this.

The smell reminds me of something along the lines of Jack Daniels. Actually, it is extremely similar to Innis & Gunn to the nose with a slightly stronger alcoholic burn. Tastes of roasted malts, chocolate, figs, molasses, and of course whiskey. The after tones are very different then 14, in the sense that my tongue seems to be salivating as opposed to the opposite. Oddly enough I’d have to say this 10.5% is refreshing compared to the last 4 beers I’ve had.

So, it has been fun, but this brings our Vertical Jewbelations collection to an end. Tell next year, when they bring something new out, L’Chiam!

10.5% Str. Ale

Here we are at fourteenth anniversary of Shmaltz, and look, the tradition continues! 14 Malts, 14 Hops, and 14% alcohol. This one will be a doozy.

So, number fourteen pours very dark with a reddish hue. The finishing touch is a cappuccino colored head. The aroma is thick with dark fruits such as raisins and prunes. Though through all of that I can still detect a sweetness either brown sugar or molasses. Now, as for taste, I was bang on with the raisins. There is also chocolate, molasses and a dollop of smokey flavoring. It leaves an unusual salty taste in the mouth with could pose a problem if there was more bottles around. It leaves me thirsty… I just keep reaching for another sip.

14% Strong Ale

Well, we move along to number 13… 12 was a doozy, and 13 will probably put me to bed. 13 hops, malts and percentage. Crossing my fingers that I do not fall down on the keyboard asleep.

The first thing that surprised me was that well I was pouring the beer was as dark as the others but had next to know head forming. Which leads me to believe that either the beer came flat or there is little to no carbonation. There is a very mellow roasted malt scent with hints of soy, earthy, and almost a touch of cola. The taste is extremely heavy with molasses, brown sugar, and an oaken earthy aftertaste. The percentage once again is very well hidden in the taste… I have to give a tip of the hat to Shmaltz for disguising the alcohol so well to make it dangerous.

13% Strong Ale

Well, we are just passing the halfway mark of the Vertical Jewbelations gift pack. Number 12 is going to be no surprise to anyone because the same pattern continues. 12 Hops, 12 Malts, and 12% alcohol.

As with the previous three this beer also pours very dark and thick. When held up to bare light it shows a deep amber coloring. As for smell, I am picking up a fruity scent, something around the lines of either a prunes, raisins or dates. This as you can imagine also has a heavy alcoholic aroma with a hint of an oak/earthy smell. Taste is sweetish from the darker fruits but has a heavy roasted malt, bitter chocolate, plus a hint of licorice. The aftertaste for some reason makes me think of my childhood in Kelowna. The reason being that there is a heavy lather left behind that tastes of over-ripened apples. There is also a hint of something metallic, almost… rusty.

12% Strong Ale

Well, for their 11th anniversary, Shmaltz has turned their game up to eleven.¬†That’s right, 11 hops, 11 malts, and 11% alcohol! Oh, and yes, this is a reference to the movie Spinal Tap. The brewery themselves pitched it like this with a giant speaker with all the dials turned to 11 and each dial representing one of the ingrediants I previously mentioned.

Now the beer pours very dark and thick and finishes off with a nice head. After pouring I tried holding it up to the light and I couldn’t even see through it. The aroma consists of a sweet, almost burnt caramel smell with a touch of an earthy, wooden scent. The taste is has a deep dark chocolatey taste with a light caramel twist. It has a dark, woody aftertaste. I have to say that even though it is 11% it is extremely well hidden and could be dangerous.

 11% Strong Ale

Well, it is another day but I am continuing along with my Jewbelation Extravaganza! This delicious beer contains 10 hops, 10 malts, 10 additions, and left to boil for 100 minutes. It also has a lofty 10% alcohol percentage.

This beer pours very dark and thick. It has a very mild lack luster aroma. At first sip I thought I could taste a touch of sour apple, though after that I couldn’t taste it for the rest of the beer. It has a thick texture like molasses and has a very bold, complex, yet well-rounded flavor. I could detect hints of chocolate, caramel and a touch of coffee.

10% Strong Ale