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On the third day we rented a car for the day and drove around Greater Los Angeles. I used this to my advantage and was able to procure a few bottles of delicious brew. The first of which I happened to open was this superb example of an IPA. Unfortunately, I’ve heard many good thing regarding Sierra Nevada Brewing, bit it’s typically hard to come by in Alberta. After trying this IPA I hope this is a situation that can be remedied.

The Torpedo pours out a golden orange, with a thick, I repeat thick, off white head. So thick, it had no choice but to leave a thick lacing on the edges of our hotel room plastic cups. The aroma is bursting with pine, grass, grapefruit citrus, as well as a touch of spice. I’m not sure which hops they use during brewing or during the dry hop process, but, I’d certainly like to find out for my own brewing processes. The citrus takes on its full force right up front in the taste. It leaves a piney taste in the end with a dangerous dryness in the mouth, which made me want to keep reaching for more and more. The alcohol level is also very well hidden, and dangerous at 7.2%.

7.2% IPA