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Well, as I said in my previous post we had a back to back “Daddy” tasting. Obviously the next one on our tasting schedule is the Double Daddy! I managed to spot this one in a random liquor store in Los Angeles. This is the exact reason anytime I see a liquor store, especially one I haven’t been into before, I have an urge to “pop” into it. You never know what you’ll find. It might be a bunch of generic garbage, mostly generic garbage with a single shining light, a mash-up of generic and craft, or a secret heaven filled with liquid joy. Seeing as I was in another country everything was singing out to me.

Pouring a clear, bright golden color, once again we achieved very little head due to the small pour situation. The aroma is thick with grapefruit and orange hops. There is also a thick sugar cane smell to it as well. This Imperial IPA is extremely well-balanced, there is a bite of citrus hops right up front, which mellow out with the sweet taste of malts which give a decent sugar cane sweetness. The sweetness and hops linger on the tongue for a long time in the aftertaste. I find it feels quite dry in the mouth making me want to reach for another, and yet another sip. This being quite “dangerous” with it being 9.5%. Also, worth of note there is a bite of heat from the alcohol level, but not so much to scare people away.

9.5% Imp. IPA


After having dinner and drinks my friends and I headed back to the house to have a couple more tastings. This tasting I’ve been looking forward too. It’s a double up of Speakeasy’s IPAs; Big Daddy and Double Daddy. As you can probably guess the name for this brewery derived from the speakeasies that popped up during the prohibition in the US. These establishments would allow entry to individuals that would softly spoke a password to get into the alcohol serving establishment. Brewing on a small-scale was actually illegal until 1980 so only massive breweries were allowed to reopen once the prohibition was lifted. This particular Speakeasy founded in 1997 and later in 2000 you could actually walk into a liquor store and buy it off a shelf.

The IPA poured a golden orange with a white head which quickly faded. With how much carbonation there is in this brew I believe the head dissipating quickly due to only pouring a small amount into each glass. The beer is teeming with aromas. There is sweet honey, pine hops, orange and lemon hops, and just a touch of grassiness. The actual flavor is very well-balanced. It has a solid pine and citrus hops upfront, which graduates to a crisp biscuit malt in the middle and finishes up with a tasty grassy hop finish. The flavors leave the palate clean and refreshed.

6.5% IPA