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Well, now I have jumped across the pond again over to Europe. This time I am jumping to Belgium specifically. I have been told that this is the beer brewed by monks, and that they have been doing it for a very long time.

To start… As you can see I chose a terrible glass… It is the second time I’ve tried using these glasses for beer and never again! As you can tell there is an incredible amount of head. Though what you can’t see is how thick and dense it is. The foam recedes very unevenly and sticks to the sides of the glass. This Belgium Blond has a very wheatie smell to it almost of grass with a citrus hint. Though it’s 8% you can hardly tell. It almost tastes like a carbonated orange/wheat juice with a dash or clove. I believe it’s the clove that is leaving my mouth quiet dry and pasty… Just making me want to drink more of this Belgium blond. I could imagine that with the proper glass this would be a much grander beer. That is my own fault and I will have to pick up another bottle to try.

8% Tripel