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Well, on our final night in Los Angeles, I chose to crack open a beer I’ve been yearning to try. A beer with whom’s catch phrase is “You’re Not Worthy”. It’s bold, aggressive, and arrogant. Yeah, that’s right, I’ve finally got my hands on an Arrogant Bastard Ale! It’s label boasts that it’s better than the multi-million dollar fizzy, yellow beverage companies. Well, let’s be honest, that’s isn’t a hard accomplishment to achieve. Now, for a quick, obviously short, history lesson on Stone Brewing. They were founded in 1996 in San Marcos, California. Later, in 2006, they moved their brewery to a custom-built facility in Escondido, California. At this new brewery they have a restaurant and garden. The garden spans for a full acre (4,000 square meters) and the restaurant can sit 300+ people. In 2008 they became more eco-friendly when they covered the breweries roof with solar panels essentially cutting their power consumption down by half. Now, enough history, on to the beer!

The coloring of this Arrogant Bastard is a dark, murky red. The head foams up thick and light brown. The head also has excellent retention. The initial aroma slaps me with roasted Malta followed up by the citrusy hops. Following the first encounter, there is also a blend of piney hints which have now melded in with the mingling malts and citrus hops. The bottle claims were quite accurate. Not that I’m not worthy, but that it has HUGE taste. Thick caramel malts blending with pine and citrus hops. Very bitter, but at the same time so sweet. I also found an unexpected creaminess to the beers texture. I’ve gotten so used to dry or smooth beers I’ve forgotten what a good creamy beer was like. Now, if only I could buy this up in Alberta… Hint, hint… Nudge, nudge.

7.2% Strong


Well, our first day in California started out quite uneventful. It was a three hour flight, followed by a couple hour wait for our friends delayed flight. Just a heads up to anyone flying into the John Wayne Airport… there is not a single restaurant or bar once you’ve collected your baggage. If you’re sitting waiting to get onto a plane you are good as gold. Otherwise, you have the choice of a hotdog and sandwich vendor that only carriers a, as in one, sandwich at a time.

Anyways, when we got to our hotel we cleaned up and went for a stroll through Downtown Disney. As we wandered around and through the various shops I spotted an island oasis in the middle of the street. The oasis was called Uva Bar. With the sun beating down and my fiancée wanting to go look at purses, I chose to pull up a bar stool and have a cold one. I honestly wasn’t expecting much of a beer selection on Disney premises, but I was pleasantly surprised! One beer in particular caught my attention, due to the fact it keeps popping up on my recommended beers on the Untapped App. I honestly did not have much info on the Stone Leviation, but I had to give it a try.

Poured from a bottle, it was a dark reddish hue with a fingers worth of slightly off white head. The head quickly receded to a thin cap that stuck around for mostly half the beer. Something that did surprise me was how much haze there was in the beer. Then I realized that there was a ton of sediment, averaging about the size of say a “bee-bee” shot, floating around in the beer. There was TONS! This isn’t something you see often, so I dived right in. Something that quite surprised me was how hoppy this amber smelt. I typically am used to only IPAs giving off an aroma like that. The aroma was rich with grapefruit and pine hops mingled in with dark caramel and toffee malts. The flavors sang to my tongue as I finally had my first sip. The grapefruit and caramel flirted and danced over my tongue. The pine hop brings up the tail end of the party, though without its usual bitterness. Extremely well balanced and delicious, this amber is one I would easily pick up again and again. One thing that caught my attention was that this beer was only 4.4%. I guess you can have a low alcohol content beer that still packs a wallop of flavor. Yes, I just used the word wallop.

 4.4% Amber