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Tartu Olvi: Viru

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Bottle, Estonia, Norm, Virumaa

Many may have never heard of Viru, pronounced vee-roo. The beer is brewed over in Estonia in an area of land known as Virumaa (Viru land). Estonia is well-known for having 9 months of winter and 3 months of lousy skiing/snowboarding weather. However they have still produced many Estonian cross-country skiing Olympic champions. The beers label is the colors of the country’s flag; blue, black and white. They also cleverly hide and Estonian phrase above the logo “Oled see, mida jood” meaning “You are what you drink.” I guess that would make me a whole lot of something special!

The Viru pours a crystal clear yellow with many, many, little tiny bubbles. A white head two fingers tall quickly recedes but leaves a small layer on the top with lacing along the sides. The aroma is crisp and clean. There is the smell of yeast, wheat, and a little touch of skunkiness to it. The flavor is very light, some might say mild, but there is a sweetness, I think caramel, to go along with the a distinct bitterness. It starts off very smooth but finishes off very dry with little to no after taste. Despite all the bubbles there doesn’t seem to be very much carbonation. When I first poured it out I instantly thought of Champaign or Duvel. Unlike Duvel, the bubbles aren’t quite as violent or numerous. Very easy drinking taste.

5% Lager