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Now, I have to start out with that I did not know too much to begin with regarding this brewery. So, I tried to look them up online to see what they were all about. Unfortunately, they do not currently have a website so I looked up their phone number and gave them a call. I spoke with a lovely women, Lorraine, who filled me in on some details. Tin Whistle has been brewing since 1995 and has always brewed in Penticton, B.C. She also informed me that they are planning on releasing three beers this summer. Which include a strawberry, a peach and a cherry. Also that they only use fresh ingredients in their beers so each batch can, and will, taste slightly different then the last depending on the seasons crops. Now for this porter she informed me that the cherries, sweet and sour variety, as well as the cocoa are both fresh and not flavorings that are just tossed in.

The porter as expected pours very dark but shows a reddish hue when held up to light. It is also topped off with a creamy mocha coloured head that takes awhile to dissolve, that’s a good thing. The scent is strong with roasted malt and cherries. At first sip, it’s a slap in the mouth with sour cherries and a second place runner-up of dark, roasted malts. Finishing in third is a lingering after taste of cocoa with the slightest hint of coffee, which might just be the type of malt used in the brew. I also noticed that the sourness of the cherries takes quite awhile to fad away. After trying this I am virtuous to try another bottle/batch to see the differences.

Now, Lorraine also informed me of the Fest-O-Ale, happening in Penticton, which they will be attending in April. Tickets are only available online and pre-purchased only. There are supposed to be a large amount of micro-brews in attendance. I don’t know about you but I am curious and think I will attend.

5.5% Porter