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We have finally cracked open the beer that I was told inspired Alley Kat’s Mojo A’peel. I honestly was unimpressed with that one so I am hoping this will be better. I unfortunately only have one bottle and this is being split between three people so my taste buds will have to work extra had. Brewed in England by Wells & Young’s Brewing which apparently are firmly situated as the largest private brewing company in the UK. The brewery became what it is known as today back in 1875 when Mr. Charles Wells purchased it at an auction along with 32 pubs… Talk about diving in head first. Then after some heavy remodeling this industrious individual smoothed out the operation. After only owning it for four years he increased their barrel output from 3,229 to 5,632. Obviously he knew how to get the wheels turning. With clean water being one of the most important ingredients in beer Wells sunk a well in the early 1900’s to provide the brewery with the highest quality of water. Surprisingly enough, this same well is still used to this day.

The Wells Banana Bread beer pour a clear, coppery coloring, with a white head and no lacing is left behind as it recedes. The aroma is exactly what you’d think, bananas and bread. Totally bang on in my books. Also, it isn’t an overly ripened banana smell but just the right amount of ripeness. The taste was exactly like the smell. Not overpowering but still strong enough that I would want to have a bottle after a bottle type of idea. It’s a rich, thick, dessert beer.

5.2% Fruit