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Later on during our second day we went for dinner at a place called Naples Ristorante. They make tasty hand-made thin crust pizzas. When I asked the waitress what they had for beer the only one she mentioned that jumped out at me was a Drifter Pale Ale. With a little research I discovered that this beer was brewed by Widmer Brothers out of Portland, Oregon. It all started back in 1979 when two brothers, not happy with the beer they could find in the U.S., started brewing for themselves and their friends. In 1984 the two brothers, Kurt and Rob, quit their jobs and pieced together their brewery from what ever parts they could scrounge up. Their doors officially open in April of ’84. Later in 1986 they became the first U.S. brewery to offer a full four-season beer lineup. Later, in 1988, the Widmer Brothers along side Bridgeport Ales and Portland Brewing Company, launched the Oregon Brewer’s Festival. This festival now boasts to be the largest outdoor craft beer festival in the United States, drawing in more than 70,000 beer lovers each year. Anyways, enough with the history lesson, on to the beer!

The beer arrived with a little over a fingers worth of white frothy head that had a decent retention. The coloring was a golden amber, which I though unusual for a pale ale. In all honesty though, what does the color matter if the taste is there? The aroma is sharp and crisp with grapefruit hops and toasted malts. The taste is very well reflected in the smell with some other additions of pine hops and a touch of caramel malts if wrap up the finish. I found that this was a very balanced, tasty pale ale that hit the spot.

5.7% Pale