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Now, visiting my old friend Matt, he informed me that he has had this bottle of Bah Humbug in the back if his fridge for the past two years. He said he wasn’t planning on touching it and that I could go for it. Originally he was planning on using it in a steak pie, but he forgot about it and bought another ale. I was actually very excited to try this because I’ve never had a chance to try an “aged” beer before. Sure, I’ve recently added a few into my cellar to age… That doesn’t mean I’ve tried them after only a few months.

This aged Christmas Ale pours a coppery-brown with a white head which evaporated faster than I thought possible. This is probably due to the 2-year aging period. The aroma is very light, I’d almost be willing to say close to nothing. If anything I believe I might smell some cinnamon. The taste is somewhat stronger. I can taste cinnamon, maraschino cherry, very sweet honey and some roasted malts. This ale is sweet and sour at the same time. This beer is grainy and flat in the mouth, I’m overly not impressed. I believe that due to the improper storage, this two years old beer has gone completely flat and is barely drinkable.

5% Ale